Biomass Pellet Production Line


Hexie has been committed to the development and application of pelletizing systems since 1992, and the pellet mill for wood pellets and biomass energy is one of them.

Biomass energy is to process waste wood chips, rice straw, straw and other materials into solid energy, which is mainly used as fertilizer and fuel. Hexie pellet mill is characterized by high productivity, low energy consumption, stable operation and high pellet quality.

Range: 0.3-40t/h

Product Feature

Biomass energy particles:
Bioenergy pellets or waste-derived fuel (RDF-5) made from biomass waste materials are becoming increasingly common as renewable energy sources.
Biomass pellet raw materials:
Agricultural waste: crop straw, rice husk, cotton straw, coffee husk, alfalfa straw, coconut shell, palm shell, sugarcane bagasse, etc.
Forestry waste: sawmill residues, branches, bark, leaves, etc.
Solid waste: garbage paper, waste plastic, cardboard, etc.
High-quality biomass pellets have low moisture and ash content and produce higher calorific value.

Wood pellets:
The wood pellet production line is a process for turning wood waste into solid fuel. Wood pellets are typically made from compacted sawdust and related industrial waste from the milling of wood, furniture and wood product manufacturing, and construction.
When producing wood pellets we need to pay attention to some important variables (factors of variation) such as raw material purity, moisture content, fineness and pellet strength. Yida provides complete process solutions and consulting services to help you smoothly integrate into the wood pellet business.

Project Cases

We Hexie produces and supplies all core process equipment in the biomass field, and also manufactures stand-alone equipment for the production of biomass pellets, solid fuel molding and waste pelletization.

As a supplier of biomass fuel pelletizers, we have established a large number of successful cases around the world. Hexie pellet mill is well-known far and wide and can develop special functions to meet production needs.

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