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Marketing and Service

The company is committed to providing comprehensive, systematic and high-quality solutions for the global animal husbandry industry! In order to better serve our customers, as of now, we have established more than 60 marketing service outlets in China, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries; I believe that with a solid marketing service network and a professional service team, customers no matter Wherever they are, they can find us and provide them with high-quality services when they need them.

"Harmonious World World Peace Association"--Hexie welcomes you

Since 1992, our goal of serving customers in the feed processing industry has never changed.
Attentive service
No matter day or night, Hexie has more than 60 marketing service outlets around the world to provide you with 24-hour considerate service.
Win-win cooperation
To provide the most suitable products and processes for customers, to maximize the interests of customers, and to develop together with customers.

Pre-sale & After-sale Services

  • The customers questions can be answered within 24 hours;
  • We have professional designers to provide the most suitable design for you;
  • We are able to provide product profit analysis and cost analysis consulting services for clients, corresponding small to medium complete feed pellet plant combination and optimization for customers;
  • Feed mill plants spare parts can be supplied timely.
  • We are able to test the machine with supplied materials;
  • Grasp Timely and Accurate Information on the Feed Processing Market.
  • We can offer Multi-language manual book;
  • We are able to supply EU Standard Industrial plug;
  • We are able to supply equipments meet different volt and frequency from different countries;
  • Since Hexie Machinery has successfully built up many feed mill plants around the world, we know clearly on the policy, characteristic and quality standard of poultry feed pellets on different regions, and thus we can recommend the most suitable equipments to you according to your specific need.

Solution Customized

What approach to maintenance is best for your production? How are up-time improving services best delivered to your installations? What are your key performance indicators for your production – what are your goals for availability, reliability and cost?

We will provide quality solutions

Considering all possibilities, we will try our best to provide you with the best service solution.
Prolong the life of your machine, increase uptime, ensure consistent output and help reduce operating costs.

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