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BLMY Dust Filter(Pulse)

The technology of spraying multiple filter bags with a high-flux high-pressure solenoid valve is adopted

  • Reduce the resistance of the wind net
  • The dust removal effect is better
  • The structure is compact
SCQY Pre-cleaner Screener

It is suitable for the cleaning process of raw and auxiliary materials in industries such as feed, oil, flour, and rice milling

  • High impurity removal efficiency
  • Stable and reliable operation
  • Less space occupation
SCQZ Powder Screener

The machine can also be used for sieving mixed materials and clearing away lumps

  • Be used for sieving mixed materials
  • Low power consumption
  • With an inspection door
TCXT Magnet Sleeve

No need for power, the comprehensive performance has reached the international leading level

  • No need for power
  • Strong separation
  • The latest permanent magnet material