What Are The Advantages of Pellet Feed VS Traditional Feed?


Feed pellet machine (also known as: pellet feed machine, pellet feed forming machine), belongs to feed pelletizing equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly compresses pellets from crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husk. Nowadays, the household pellet machine is an indispensable equipment for farmers and biomass energy enterprises. In foreign countries, except for egg feed, feed pellets are generally used. In our country, some areas in the south, especially the coastal areas, have experienced the fastest economic development in the country. Pellet feed has been very popular in these places. According to the investigation of relevant persons, pellet feed accounts for more than 80% of ordinary feed. So what are the advantages of feeding poultry and livestock with pellet feed?

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Compared with traditional feed, pellet feed has the following advantages:

Advantage 1: Easy to store and transport.

Traditional feeds are generally powdered. In the process of storage and transportation, due to the different bulk density of various powdered feeds, there will be a phenomenon of grading. There is no grading phenomenon in the feed pellets, which is a good way to avoid this point, and the pellet feed does not produce dust, and the environmental pollution rate is reduced to a low level. When feeding livestock and poultry, it is not easy to produce dust, which protects the respiratory system of livestock and poultry. In terms of volume, a volume of traditional powdered feed is compressed into pelleted feed and only 1/3 of the volume. That is to say, under the same means of transport, one volume of traditional feed can be transported, and now three times the volume of pelleted feed can be transported. Powdered feed will produce some dust, which is attached to the four walls of the transport container, while pelleted feed has no dust, so there will be no adhesion, which also has a saving effect.

Advantage 2: Reduce picky eaters and feed waste of animals.

Due to the uniform size of the feed particles and comprehensive nutrition, it can ensure the promptness and full price of the diet, avoiding the selection of feed by livestock and poultry, and at the same time reducing the waste caused by flying dust in the air and water.

Advantage 3: There are special feed pellet machines or molds for different livestock.

Now for subdivided feed, there can be different pellet feed machines or molds. For example: fish farming users can use fish feed pellet machine, live users can use pig feed pellet machine, sheep raising users can use sheep feed pellet machine, etc. Others include small fish feed pellet machine, aquatic feed pellet machine, extruded feed pellet machine, soft feed pellet machine equipment, feed pellet machine and other feed processing machinery.

With the development of feed pellets, feed pellet machines are getting more and more attention.

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