Xinxiang Hexie Equipment Intelligent Application Exhibition Center


The latest news is that our intelligent application center has been basically completed, integrating our latest equipment and control platforms. Feed production companies and farmers are welcome to visit.


The equipment currently displayed in the exhibition hall includes: high-efficiency hammer mill, single-shaft paddle mixer, ring-die pellet machine, extruder, preserver, crumbler; a 350-pellet feed production line and a fermented feed production line are also built; suitable for A variety of different scenarios, welcome to consult.

hx hammer mill 26
feed mixer 32
hx ring die pellet mill 42

Xinxiang Hexie Group was established in 1992, occupying a total area of approximately 100,000 square meters and it is a diversified high-tech enterprise, engaged in research, production, sales and technical service of Feed Machinery, breeding equipment and veterinary preparations.

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