350 Ring Die Pellet Machine Production of Alfalfa Pellets


Recently, overseas customers came to our factory and brought some pure alfalfa powder, wanting to see the granulation effect of our granulator. In our exhibition hall, there is a complete set of equipment dedicated to display test machines. It is equipped with a dual-motor belt-driven 350 ring-die pellet machine, equipped with two 30kw Siemens Beide motors.

Alfalfa is a high-quality feed that is rich in nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Among them, the protein content is as high as 18% and is easy to digest and absorb. In addition, alfalfa is also rich in calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals, which can effectively meet the various nutrients needed for the growth and development of cattle. It is deeply loved by the majority of farmers.

Alfalfa grass is made into pellets, which is more conducive to storage and transportation and reduces feed waste. This test machine used pure alfalfa powder, and the production process was very smooth. The particles were discharged quickly and formed well, which was recognized by customers.

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