Feed Machinery Operating Requirements for Ingredients and Mixing


In order to ensure that the production requirements can be met, before designing and planning the automatic control system of the batching and mixing process of the feed machinery, it is necessary to clarify the relevant operating characteristics and requirements of the process. Combined with the batch batching and mixing process of feed machinery commonly used at present, no matter which batching and mixing system is selected, there are often the following operating requirements:

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In the production process of feed machinery, the batching and mixing process is actually a batch operation that needs to be repeated. That is to say, each batch from the weighing of various raw materials, batching to mixing, unloading, etc. is a simple work process in sequence or time. In this process, each feeder, scale, scale hopper door, mixer discharge port, etc. must act in sequence according to the predetermined order or conditions. All equipment should implement necessary self-locking and interlocking.

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Second, we know that for feed machinery, due to the different requirements of processed products, it is necessary to take into account the differences in physical properties of various materials during the mixing process. For example, different particle size, bulk density, water content, etc. These different physical properties may lead to different batching accuracy when using the same batcher for batching different materials.

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Third, from the above introduction, we can see that in the production process of feed machinery, not only should the batching and mixing process be reasonably arranged, but also some detailed issues should be taken into consideration, and the accuracy of the batching must be guaranteed. At the same time, the real-time monitoring of the material level of the silo ensures the continuous production. In fact, the products in the batching and mixing section can be regarded as finished products or semi-finished products. The basic data of the production process are important information for the production management, inventory management and raw material management of the whole plant.

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Therefore, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the entire feed machinery production system, we must first pay attention to the good control of the batching and mixing process according to the requirements. That is to say, the requirements of each operation process must be taken into account in the planning and design of feed machinery, so that the system has corresponding control functions.

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