Exhibition Report-Livestock Aquaclture Philippines 2024


The Philippine International Poultry and Livestock Exhibition Livestock (Livestock Philippines), referred to as the Philippine Livestock Exhibition, is held annually. It is a professional agricultural exhibition and livestock breeding exhibition in Southeast Asia. The last exhibition was held at the World Trade Center in Manila, with an exhibition area of 21,000 square meters and 260 exhibitors. home, with 18,700 exhibitors. This exhibition is hosted by the British Informa Exhibition Group and is the largest agricultural and livestock exhibition in the Philippines. Visitors include buyers, policy makers, veterinarians, breeders, animal food producers, retailers, importers and wholesalers. The Philippine Livestock Show is an international trade fair for innovative production and processing of poultry and livestock. It has enjoyed a high reputation as the top event for the Philippine livestock, feed processing and meat industries since 2011, and continues to grow and develop with each edition. become better.
Supported by the Department of Agriculture, the Philippine Livestock Expo will bring together thousands of decision-makers including integrators, farmers, feed mills, pre-mixers, meat processors, slaughterhouses, veterinarians, distributors, retailers and other industry.

Hexie Group has been deeply involved in the Philippine market for many years and has built multiple sets of powder and granular material production lines. At this exhibition, our company showed up in the Philippines with PMV420 feed pellet machine. There were a large number of visitors, and many customers inquired at the scene. The sales staff explained carefully and sold the prototypes on the spot. This exhibition has been well received by customers.

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