About the daily maintenance and upkeep of the machine


The first-level maintenance of equipment is to do daily inspections, lubrication and maintenance
(1) Real-time inspection. The real-time inspection of equipment includes five contents:
a. Check whether the belt is loose
b. Check whether the brake switch is normal
c. Check whether the safety protection device is complete
d. Check whether the loose parts of the equipment are firm
e. Check whether the equipment operating environment is clean and free of obstacles
(2) Lubrication maintenance is an important part of daily maintenance. To do a good job in the "five certain management" of equipment lubrication is to standardize and institutionalize the daily lubrication technical management work to ensure the quality of lubrication work.

● Appointment
Arrange staff to be responsible for refueling, adding oil, cleaning and changing oil according to the division of labor specified in the lubrication chart, and specify the personnel responsible for sampling and inspection.
● Qualitative
Determine the type, brand and requirements of the oil required for lubricating parts, and ensure that the quality of the oil used must pass the laboratory test. The use of substitute materials or blending of substitutes must have a scientific basis. Keep lubrication devices and instruments completely clean to prevent oil contamination
● Timing
Lubricate oil according to the intervals specified on the lubrication card, and conduct sampling inspections according to the specified intervals.
● Fixed point
According to the designated parts, lubrication points, and inspection points on the lubrication chart, refuel, add oil, and change oil, and check the liquid level and oil supply.
● Quantitative
Carry out daily lubrication of each lubrication part according to the specified amount, and do a good job of adding oil, refueling and cleaning of the oil tank.

Use the machine correctly and maintain the machine on time;
Increase machine life and reduce production costs.
We will do better and better!!

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